Saturday, March 14, 2009

3.14 - Happy Pi Day!

Did your teachers ever tell you Calculus or Algebra or Geometry was important for your every day life? That'd you would use it when you were older? That one day you'd thank them for teaching this most frustrating of all studies to you?

Well, today call up your math teachers and thank them for teaching you about the function of 3.14. Because it's Pi day! The day we celebrate... Pi. 

I'm sure you are rightly wondering: How do I appropriately celebrate this holiday of holidays?

Here are some basic tips to help get the most out of your day:

1. Don't do any math
This would be counter-productive. Instead of enjoying this day, you will pull out your hair and gnash your teeth. Because that's what math inspires - pain. (Sorry Brenda Cathcart....) If you have no other option for doing math (like doing your taxes) and you can't put it off till Sunday, make someone else do it. Particularly if it's someone you don't care for. 

2. Eat pie
Most of you know that I'm not the world's biggest pie fan. But I will eat pie on this day. Because it just makes sense - eating PIE on International PI Day. A play on words on a math day. That just shows math who's boss. 

3. Hug a nerd
Nerds like math. It's just a proven fact. And they probably don't get hugged much. So share the joy and the celebration with a round of hugs at the local nerd-a-torium. You may also need to use Klingon to get in, but that's another post.

4. Spin in circles
Because Pi relates to circles, it makes seems right to celebrate Pi by making some circles of your own. Some people might think you've joined the Swirling Dervishes, but that's ok. You are honoring the day. 

5. Comment on this site
You might think this is a ploy for comments, but it's not. If you share how you've celebrated Pi Day, then I can take the number of comments, multiply them by 3.14, divide by the invisible number 0 and next year we can party-hardy! (Don't worry, I won't do the math until Sunday.)

So... happy Pi Day, friends! =)


Nic said...

Yay for Pi Day. I was always jealous of people who had shirts to celebrate Pi Day. Hug a nerd. That was a surprise and very funny. I admit I even chuckled aloud.

I vow to celebrate Pi Day by eating cheesecake (the king of pies...and circles) and thinking about hugging a dear friend nearly a nation away. :)

JD said...

we're heading to a couple friends' house this evening (she's a math teacher!). we're eating homemade pizza PIE and having some kind of pudding PIE for dessert.

alas, we are having our taxes done today. totally coincidental. but, someone else is doing them for us, so i guess that makes it better.

and what about marty? doesn't he party harty anymore?

Anonymous said...

I forgot Pi-Day!!! I am so sad now... :(


Emily said...

this might be my favorite post ever. you are one funny lady. and you brightened my monday.