Saturday, March 7, 2009

Never Been So Bored In My LIFE!

Reading about ministry management is just about as boring as getting your teeth cleaned. Listening to smooth jazz. Living in Delaware. (Sorry Delawarians.)

I would much rather be DOING ministry than reading about how to write a vision statement, how to find your actual vs aspirational mission. Blah blah blah. 

I so hope my Ministry Management prof doesn't read this site. Cause I would feel bad. And because this boring book, the bane of my weekend, is his favorite. Poor guy... 

Is there something that bores you to literal or figurative tears? Reading this book bores me to both literal AND figurative tears. Wah wah wah. =)


JD said...

i've read some of that book. it's pretty good, albeit slow.

driving home, particularly the stretch of interstate 70 from kansas city to columbia is a killer for me. i'd rather drive across kansas!

Michael Gilley said...

standing in line at the dmv although it is interesting to watch people.

TenaciousT said...

your blogs.... mwahaha. jk. they're fascinating!

TAKS tests - which are the standardized state tests we have to give in Texas. As teachers, we could literally lose our license if we did anything but stare at students (but not at their test, we can't look at that at all). We can't read, we can't write, we can't even really sit. for HOURS. And we have to keep them silent (either taking the test or reading - nothing else) and make sure there's no cheating. It's awful. I'd rather take the test than administer it.

Jamie said...

Data entry


Celine Dion

Open Range - I didn't cry, but I did push up the arm rest, lie down and sleep for the 2nd half of this movie.