Thursday, March 19, 2009

Talk Thursday // Crayola CrAzY

If you could be any color crayon, what color would you be?

I think I would be Mac 'n' Cheese. This is the description from Crayola regarding this particular crayon color: 

"Personality Traits for this hue: *warm* *sociable* *good-natured* *jovial* *glowing* "

I'll take it! I love Mac 'n' Cheese AND it's orange-y, which is my favorite color. It makes so much sense!

So, go on, Tickle-Us-Pink with your choice! =)


Chris.Maples said...

I'm a mix of the blues and the pinks and probably the greens.

I loves me some denim though. And Bryan Adams loves denim, so how on earth could I go wrong there?

Jenny said...

Well, I took this entirely too seriously and searched all over the internet to find just exactly what color I am. According to Drs. Bennet and their obsession with true colors.... that would probably make me a green or gold or... something, BUT...
one quiz said that I was sky blue. describes the personality traits of sky blue as *cold* *calm* *relaxed* *loyal* *melancholy* - not sure how I feel about that. I guess the loyal works, but I am not cold, I generally have a hard time staying clam, and no one wants to describe themselves as melancholy, so...
If I were going to pick a color independently it would be razzmatazz = because it's pinkish and it has a fun name. The personality traits that connect with that color (and any other color in the red hue, come to find out) are *hot* *energetic* *loud* *courageous* *powerful* . I am not sure those are any more accurate, but I like them better, so...

Razzmatazz. That's my final answer.

Loves and hugs, my mac n chesse friend.

JD said...

bennets' thing tagged me as a green. but, i don't think those colors correspond very well with reality. i've always liked the color blue. yes, it is cold, calm, relaxed, loyal, melancholy; and i suppose i am those things, but it is also refreshing, deep comforting. at least things that are colored blue are those things.

so, i'm going to go with blue.

Nic said...

I will confidently choose teal. It makes me think of freedom. and it's a mix of colors. And well....I'm just a mix with some freedom thrown in myself.

So that is my color choice though I have an insatiable love for fuschia!

Word verification: wousnet(!)

Nic said...

PS: I think you would like this blog (in general, not just this post).

Anonymous said...

Coral... definitely coral.

Or red.


Sage and Cinnamon said...

royal purple, the purple hue is described by crayola as
*majestic* *magical* *visionary* *royal* *intuitive*

not sure all those apply to me but Queen Elizabeth has a nice ring to it I'm sure you'd agree