Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Murtaugh List

If you don't watch CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" you are missing out. Not only is it a delightful batch of hi-larious fused with random and awesome, sometimes it even makes you think. 

Which is what happened last night. 

Last night's episode, "The Murtaugh List", was surprisingly thought-provoking. Ted, one of the main characters, has kept a list of things that he is "too old to do." The list is based on a character from the movie "Lethal Weapon", in which Danny Glovers' character (Murtaugh) says "I'm too old for that sh**." Because of Ted's list, another HIMYM character, Barney, retaliates with a list of things that you should be "too young to do."  

And it made me think: what are the things that I'm too young/too old to do? Is there anything? Should there be anything? And I think it's subjective. Your list is going to be different from my list. Which is great!

So therefore I ask: What things are you too old to do? What things are you too young to do? Let's compare.

At 23, "I'm Too Old For This Stuff" (The Murtaugh List):
- Using the phrase "That is legit"
- Dating someone 21 or younger
- Failing to take responsibility for my actions
- Failing to plan for moments beyond the present
- Thinking I know it all
- Thinking other people "have it together"

At 23, "I'm Too Young For This Stuff" (The Mickey Mouse Club List):
- Being stuck in my ways
- Knowing what I want to "do" with the rest of my life
- Feeling like I "need" to be settled down
- Dating someone 31 or older 
- People thinking I could have a 16-year-old kid (...Vladimir...)
- Tapered or pleated jeans

Here's to life - at any age. =)


Jenny said...

Sarah - I love you so much! I miss you and our random conversations.

As far as my lists:

I'm too old to...
- cry and throw things when I am frustrated
- think I should always get my way
- expect someone else to cook my meals for me
- sleep past 9am (no, seriously - my body won't let me)

I'm too young to...
- feel like I HAVE to have a significant other
- feel tied down
- get my Ph.D.
- eat dinner at 4:30pm, even if that is when I am hungry

Yup... there it is.

Jamie said...

I'm too old to:
*Wear enigmatic graphic tees
*Beat my kids in a foot race
*Stomp my foot when I'm mad
*Get zits on prom night
*Wear pants with a 2" zipper

I'm too young to:
*Wear cowl neck sweaters
*Stop running
*Point a bony, arthritic finger at someone
*Use the word "sonny"
*Wear pants with elastic

Nic said...

I'm too old to:
- not wake up when my alarm goes off...multiple times.
- still want to dye my hair.
- expect that everything will work out without any work on my part (i.e. finances).
- not proofread my assignments before I submit them. yeah....

I'm too young to:
- take fiber pills.
- expect me to be a full blown, grown adult just because I'm now married.
- have it all together.
- resign myself to a gut.

JD said...

i am too old to be a drama queen.

but i am not too old to saran wrap and soap someone's car.