Sunday, March 1, 2009

Theology Makes My Brain Hurt...

Let's play a game! It's called "Which One of These Words Sounds Like a Cuss Word?"

Is it:

A) Eschaton/eschatological

B) Parousia

C) Dispensationalism

D) Ecumenism

E) Premillenialism

If you guessed the ever elusive, F) All of the Above! you win!!!! Congratulations!!!!

In my head right now, all of those words sound like cuss words. Mostly because when I read them, it makes my brain hurt, which in turn makes me crabby. Being crabby makes me cuss. Therefore, the above words = cuss words for Sarah. 

Exegetical used to be my cuss word of choice. Now there's more. What are these New Testament guys doing to me?! (Yeah, that's right Dr. Reeves - I'm callin' you out.)

Ok, I'm going to ecumenically get back to premillenialism studying my dispensational reading for eschaton tomorrow. Parousia.


Jamie said...

wow! your cuss word are much better than mine!
this post made my brain hurt. i only knew the meaning of A & E, and have never heard of B.
family pack kudos to you!!

JD said...

poor sarah. you'll figure it all out. if you need any me.

Jamie said...

#31 - SCL

Sarah Lewie said...

Good call, Jamie, good call. =)

Sara said...

Jenny said...

I love you and I miss you and you WILL make it through this.

Juanita said...

I know you can do it!! Both the mind numbing theology stuff and the lent stuff. I am behind you 200%. I bet the two miles you ran tonight will help with the brain stuff. Great profile picture. That is amazing!!