Thursday, March 5, 2009

Talk Thursday // Context Is King

On Wednesday nights, my pastor and I co-teach a hermeneutics small group for my church (hermeneutics is just a $10 word for process of interpreting the Bible). Anyway, we were discussing the hermeneutical process and interpretation and context, so as not to misinterpret the Bible. Most people there were not as excited about this, I think, as I was. Granted, I was hopped up on Sudafed, so I don't know that I can tell anything. =)

This is my dorky side coming straight out: I love biblical interp. Hebrew makes me happy on the inside; reading commentaries about obscure passages in the Old Testament lights up my day. But I am a nerd extraordinaire. 

So today's question: what dorky thing drives you? Do you like to read the dictionary? (I won't judge that cause I like to as well.) Do you play RPG's? (I might judge that... ;) ) Is LOTR Risk your favorite game? (I will judge that.) Do you read expositions of French Theatre in your spare time? Do you have a dorky side? 

That's a lot of questions. But the people want to know! What dorky thing makes you who you are?


Cary said...

sadly, i know more about the Marvel and DC comics universe than most.

Like, a lot of totally obscure stuff that nobody knows except the true nerdy comic book people.

I can read a DC graphic novel/watch a cartoon and almost immediately recognize even the most mundane minor character in the series.

I truly am a nerd in this sense.

In all others, I'm the ultimate in cool :)

Word Verification: bershear

MoMountainGrrl said...

Hi, my name is Sarah. And I am a Harry Potter nerd.

I have read the books multiple times, seen the movies multiple times, and even own a Hogwarts shirt.

My heart gets real happy when I think about the 6th movie coming out this summer, and I was heartbroken when they pushed the release date back to this summer.

I love me some Harry Potter.

Nic said...

Nerdom: I LOVE 1990s X-Men cartoons. I love them so much I bought all of them on DVD. Additionally, I really love the show Heroes. Almost every person I know has abandoned it for whatever reason. I am loyal and true. And no I don't have LOTR Risk, but I DO want the Marvel Monopoly...and I mean badLY (I also loathe the misuse of adverbs and wish I was a better grammar nerd, but I can settle for a little bit of a grammar nerd.).

JD said...

my favorite magazine is national geographic.

i could go into depth about star trek: the next generation; not only story outlines, character connections, etc, but also the philosophies behind the shows (star trek, star trek;tng, etc). and i love the movies. you can't have a good exposition of star trek without bringing in the movies.

i'm currently reading background material on the new testament. not for class or anything; just because i want to.

i want to start collecting legos again.

i read almost exclusively non-fiction. and not biographies, either. missions strategy, church planting stuff, theology.

need i go on?

Sara said...

I like watching new movies and then look up the trivia and who was in the movie on and then going to Netflix and giving the movie my star rating. :)

TenaciousT said...

Is it possible for me to be nerdy for my serious love of tv? I do the same things as Sara in regards to tv (and movies) and read the tvguide blog about it and read any spoilers I can about it. I have favorite tv critics.

I also love education and psychology and church ministry and everything that fits in those categories.

and I love reading and owning books.

I research anything I can. If I have a question, I look up everything I can to answer that question thoroughly and then teach people what I learned...

I guess my dorkiness is what makes me a good teacher, huh?