Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springtime, It's About Time

Spring officially sprung over the weekend. Therefore I am banishing all winter sweaters, winter scarves and winter coats from my wardrobe from here til the end of October. Even if I have to wear 87 layers to stay warm in this Artic tundra called the Pacific Northwest I'll do it!

Good-bye, Turtlenecks; Flip-flops: here I come!



Jamie said...

87 layers of tank tops & bermuda shorts!

I don't know how you NW people do it! I don't bust out the flip-flops until it's 80 degrees for 12 consecutive days.

I laugh at your delicate wave to your sweaters, my little Chick-a-Dee! (oh no she didn't!!)

TenaciousT said...

oh keep the scarfs out! They go great with tank tops ;)

I say that only cause I love wearing scarfs.

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